Poole CVS - Our Role

We exist to support and develop the voluntary sector, a term which includes voluntary and community groups, charities, social enterprises, co-operatives and mutuals, though our services are mainly aimed at voluntary/community organisations and charities.

We are a charity in our own right, and as such, regulated by the Charity Commission. We also hold the Quality Award from our umbrella body, the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action.

Another term for our sector which is being used by the current coalition government is "Civil Society", so organisations within it are "Civil Society Organisations" or CSOs.


   Chris Beale chief executive

CVS is short for Council for Voluntary Service. This is a term for our type of organisation and does not imply a connection with the Borough Council, though they do help fund us. Councils for Voluntary Service, or CVSs, exist all over the UK. Our services are overseen by NAVCA, the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action.

All CVSs help voluntary sector groups by working in five areas:

  • Identifying need in the local community and doing what we can to ensure services grow  to meet these needs
  • Giving advice to help groups come into being and function effectively
  • Helping the sector communicate – holding meetings, publishing newsletters and e-mail alerts etc.
  • Making it possible for the views of the sector to be made known to local agencies
  • Ensuring the sector is represented in local policy making

"Poole CVS is a valuable local service that we are lucky to have. It is nice to know the knowledge, experience and support is there when we need it."
PRO Disability