Poole CVS plays an active role in Poole Partnership, the local strategic partnership that includes many agencies from the statutory, business and voluntary sectors, all working together for the benefit of Poole. Working in partnership is important as it enables us to offer a more seamless service to the frontline organisations we support, and to make best use of our resources, including access to funding.

We are proud of the way in which we deliver services in partnership, working with Bournemouth CVS, with whom we share a communications officer, and with Dorset Race Equality Council which helps to ensure that we cater appropriately for the local BME community.

The three Chief Executives

Adnan Chaudry, Viv Aird and Chris Beale

Chief executives of Dorset REC, BCVS and PCVS

Health and Care System

The driving force behind the recent changes to the way in which the NHS operates, was a desire to find new ways of partnership working which would not only reduce health inequalities (Marmot Report), but would also lead to improvements in the general health, social care and wellbeing for those who live in our communities.

Under the reforms, strategic health authorities and primary care trusts have disappeared, to be replaced by  the NHS Trust Development Authority and Clinical Commissioning Groups. See Dorset CCG.

Follow the link to the Health and Care system explained and find out what the changes mean for patients and local communities, as well as information on how health and care organisations will work together both locally and nationally.

Attending the local Health and Care Forums organised by PCVS and BCVS will keep you abreast of these changes locally.

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Locality Stakeholder Events

Evidence of partnership working is also being seen in the locality stakeholder events, attended by participants from both the NHS and the voluntary and community sector; they provide a successful platform for the exchange of ideas and information.

The challenge is to find ways of putting those ideas, and the information, into practice in ways which benefit the community.

Please get in touch if you are considering working in partnership with other organisations and would like some advice.










Poole CVS, Bournemouth CVS and Dorset Race Equality Council work together to help voluntary sector organisations in Poole and Bournemouth.