Job Title: Dorset Race Equality Council (DREC) Chairman

Place of Work: Dorset Race Equality Council
Location of Work: Dorset

Description of Vacancy:
The responsibilities of the Chairman are to work with the Board of Trustees to ensure that Dorset Race Equality Council remains financially secure and lives up to its aims of challenging racism in the wider Dorset, providing a casework service to those who suffer from racism, bringing communities together, celebrating multiculturalism, and providing education and training to other organisations. The Chairman will be responsible for chairing Board Meetings and will work through the Chief Executive to manage the small professional team.

The post is not remunerated although reasonable expenses will be paid. It requires as much time as the person can give, certainly not less than an average of two days a month. The skills required are those needed to run a successful small business plus knowledge of how local government works and it is essential that the Chairman is totally committed to the aims of DREC.

To apply for the above vacancy please find below the contact details - please do not apply to Bournemouth Council for Voluntary Services

Contact Details:

For further information contact Cllr. Pauline Batstone, Current Chairman, or 01258 472583, or Nathalie Sherring, Chief Executive of DREC,, or 01202 392954

Tel: 01258 472583
Closing Date: 31/12/2018