Job Title: Promotional Assistant

Place of Work: Cancer Research UK
Location of Work: travelling around the South
Salary: 7.50 an hour

The position is offered as: Part-time  Temporary

Details of Hours / Contract Length: Hours are casual each week depending on availability and what promotions we need you to attend.

Description of Vacancy:
? Deliver high quality, creative, on brand promotional activity for our Race for Life events with passion and enthusiasm in high footfall locations.
? Deliver passionate and motivating face to face engagement to our Race for Life target audience to drive acquisition and preference to our events.
? Gain a full understanding of our Race for Life Event series and portfolio as well as its marketing campaign and convey its values to the general public to drive acquisition.
? Gain and develop knowledge of your regional events to actively engage with and answer questions the target audience might have about their local event.
? Work with our regionally based Area Marketing Mangers to deliver promotional activity and provide regular activity feedback.
? Deliver full concise activity briefing to our volunteers and work alongside them to upscale our promotional events.
? Be responsible for the set up and de-rig of promotional events equipment and branding.

To apply for the above vacancy please find below the contact details - please do not apply to Bournemouth Council for Voluntary Services

Contact Details:

Closing Date: 22/02/2018