Collaboration between Voluntary Organisations

We encourage all organisations to consider whether they can be working more in collaboration or partnership with others. Doing so can help you share expertise and/or resources, enabling you to deliver a better service, possibly for less money, and it goes down well with funders.

Poole CVS itself works in close partnership with other organisations, particularly Bournemouth CVS, with whom we share one member of staff.

To support you with collaboration we offer:

Poole CVS is also working closely with the Borough of Poole and voluntary sector colleagues in developing local job hubs and associated services through collaboration. For further details of this work, please contact Chris Beale.


One training/network session held by Poole CVS started with a group asking for advice on funding a minibus, and ended with them saying they no longer needed it, as they had met another group from whom they could hire one.