Organisations we cannot help

This is the small print.... apologies, but we have to say these things. If in doubt, contact us and ask - if we have to say no, we'll do it nicely.

We exist to help voluntary sector groups. We cannot help:-

  • Individuals, although you may be eligible if you are thinking of forming a group or are working with one.
  • Organisations which exist to make a profit, unless the group's constitution states the profit has to go back into the business (we may need to see your Memorandum and Articles)
  • Political organisations.
  • Organisations seeking to promote their faith (we can advise faith groups undertaking community work)
  • Statutory organisations except around their work with the voluntary sector.
  • Illegal organisations.
  • Organisations who operate or seek to fundraise by non-ethical or unsafe methods.
  • Organisations who demonstrate they are unable to deliver their project(s).
  • Organisations who have been advised, but who have not followed the advice (unless there is good reason for this).
  • Professional fundraisers